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We offer numerous other options too, that can be customized to your individual needs. We are able to integrate numerous other advertising methods into our SEO services. We are actively involved with the Google Engage program and have received their certification status. Contact for more information or call (904).274.0787. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Email is usually the best way to reach James. For established clients utilizing SEO services we provide separate, direct contact methods.

Starting for $250.00 per year, we provide an optimized domain, hosting, and a 5 page static website with a contact form. You will also be included in the attorney and lawyer directories.

For $500.00 per year, you can obtain a fully optimized blogging, news and socially networked Attorney focused dynamic website. The package includes an optimized domain and hosting that allows you to integrate your existing web presence with our network. It is as easy to add content and manipulate as any of the blogging and social networking programs currently used, such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, or Twitter. It will further allow you to use our SEO services for traffic generation and content development. YOU MUST have the "Dynamic Local Site" package to begin using our SEO services.

Both the Local Static Site package and the Local Dynamic package include the following:

For just $12 per year you can get your firm or individual attorney listing into the network.

For just $100 per year you can get your firm or individual splash page to link to from the directory where you can have links to an external site.

The network is designed to drive focused traffic from the search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. To read more about what we are doing please, follow this link to visit The Attorney Help website.

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We have developed a network for attorneys that allows them to produce very expensive, highly optimized attorney websites for minimal upfront investments. The network automates a vast number of tasks across an ever growing number of websites.  It is designed to alert Google, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social websites and search engines every time you post a new article, opinion or news story.

Grow your brand by becoming a local news feed for local government. Grow your brand by becoming a "how to find foreclosures" expert. Grow your brand by simply expressing your opinion on politics or the law.

Would you rather pay for generated, highly optimized law content to focus on people looking specifically for keywords such as "dui attorney" or "dui"?  We can do that.

Focus on divorce or estate law? We can do that.

Traffic tickets, car crash, truck accident, injury, immigration, discrimination, military justice, administrative law and so much more.

We can do that for you.

Start small and let us prove our results.