Google SEO Secrets on Relevance, Links and Optimization

From Jacksonville Websites

Andre Weyher is a former member of Google’s web spam team, and he reveals several things that help to improve yoursearch engine optimization campaign.

Excerpts from Andre’s advice are below.

  1. Relevance has replaced PageRank

    Do not focus on the PageRank of a web page. The PageRank that is displayed in Google’s toolbar is not the PageRank that Google actually uses in the algorithm. In addition, Google now uses other factors to determine the value of a backlink.Andre Weyher confirmed this saying:

    “Getting a link from a high PR page used to always be valuable, today it’s more the relevance of the site’s theme in regards to yours, relevance is the new PR.”

    A link from a website that is related to your website is more important than a link from an unrelated high PR web page.

  2. Link building is now relationship management

    Andre Weyher says that you shouldn’t use automated tools for link building:

    “Off site link building has dramatically changed since the recent updates. Anything that you can do automatically or at scale puts your website at risk. So keep the following in mind; link building has changed from an almost purely technical process into something that resembles a relationship management campaign. Building a network with owners of sites that are related to yours for example.”

    In the email from Google a particular SEO tool promoted by Axandra is spoke about. There are currently thousands of SEO analysis software applications on the market. The way google looks at a website changes daily and each software application for SEO has it’s individual perks. Most professionals running a business do not have time or the know-how to properly build and maintain relationships with other sites or networks. That is where Jax Beach Websites can help you out drastically. Contact Us for SEO help.

  3. Website optimization (On-page)

    Web pages must be optimized. Backlinks won’t do your website any good if your page SEO strategies are not structured well:”On page tactics are often overlooked, while in reality they should be a key element in your SEO strategy.”

    In my opinion this is the absolute key to driving targeted traffic at a site. I have watched countless graphs of sites using the best all the way to the worst in SEO principles. When EVERYTHING comes together as one very large, well timed SEO strategy and Google is happy. EVERYONE is happy. The user finds the information or product they were looking for. The provider provides. And the SEO professional gets to watch his charts spike to all new highs.

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